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To create an environment where student have the opportunity to connect with their Armenian heritage by exploring its cultural dimensions including religion, Armenian history, art, literature, and music through the study of the Armenian language.


The Armenian Studies program of St. Sahag & St. Mesrob Armenian Saturday School promotes Armenian education to preserve the Armenian faith, language and culture and to prepare the future leaders of the community who take pride in their Armenian heritage and make valuable contributions within the Armenian Community and to society at large.


Students will respect teachers/staff and comply with school rules and regulations.

Students will respect and be kind to classmates.

Students will respect school property and personal property.

Parental support is required and appreciated in order to encourage children to observe the code of conduct of the school. The administration and the staff of St. Sahag & St. Mesrob Armenian Saturday School encourage parents’ active involvement in their children’s education. Parental influence is the single most important determinant of student success. We strongly encourage all parents to take an active role in supporting their children as they work towards success at school.

Tips on how to help your child with homework are provided on our website.


All students must comply with the school uniform policy.

BOYS: Navy polo shirt with school logo

GIRLS: Navy polo shirt with school logo

The school uniform is available for purchase from the school at a cost of $25.

During the wet season, students are required to wear indoor shoes, and refrain from walking into the classrooms in wet boots. It is absolutely not allowed to enter the gym when wearing wet shoes.


Punctual attendance is a must. St. Sahag St. Mesrob Armenian Saturday School keeps accurate records of student attendance, and will communicate promptly and consistently with parents/guardians regarding attendance issues. Students are expected to be in school every scheduled Saturday before the morning bell at 9:30 a.m.

Students must be present in school from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Student dismissal 15 minutes before the end of day is not allowed in order not to disturb the class.

In the case of legitimate and unavoidable reasons for absence, parents/guardians may contact the student’s teacher one day prior to school day.

Students are responsible for obtaining from their teacher any missed assignments, in order to come to class fully prepared following an absence.

School dismissal is at 1:30 p.m. For safety reasons parents/guardians must pick up their children on time, as extended care is not available.

In case of unavoidable late pick-ups, parents/guardians must call the teacher and/or administration.

Students’ name and parents’ cell phone numbers must be written in backpacks and lunch bags.


St. Sahag & St. Mesrob Armenian Saturday School is a nut / peanut / sesame seed free school facility due to severe nut/peanut/sesame seed allergy conditions existing among the students. Please refrain from sending with your child any foods that contain these products. All snacks must be marked Peanut Free and be in their original packaging and not in plastic sandwich bags. (No sesame buns or bagels, manaaish, nutella, peanut butter, breakfast bars or cereal that contain nuts or sesame, cakes or cupcakes that are made with peanut or sesame oil or decorated with nuts, etc.)


Birthday celebrations are not allowed in classrooms, except for singing Happy Birthday upon parents’ request. Parents/guardians are not allowed to bring cake/cupcakes/candy, etc. in the classrooms for the following reasons:

We cannot be sure if the treats are fully nut and sesame free.

Bringing birthday treats to classrooms creates competition between students and parents.

Children feel left out if their parents do not bring treats or if their birthday is not during the school year.

The commotion disturbs the flow of the class.

It is extra work for the teachers.

When appropriate, teachers bring treats to the class and make sure that students do not feel left out.


Students are permitted to have their cell phones; iPods and other hand held devices at school but must keep them in their bags, turned off, during class time.

Absolutely no receiving or placing calls, text messaging, gaming, surfing the Internet, receiving or responding to emails or messages during class time.

Violation of these rules may result in confiscation of hand-held devices, which will be returned to the student at the end of the day.

The school/administration assumes no responsibility for loss, recovery, repair or replacement for any personal electronic device brought onto school property.

Students have permission to use their devices outside of class time such as recess/lunchtime in a reasonable and appropriate manner. This privilege will be taken away by their teacher/school staff if inappropriate or disrespectful use is detected.


Alumni students as well as parents enrolling children at St. Sahag & St. Mesrob Armenian Saturday School are encouraged to volunteer each school year.

The skills and knowledge of our volunteers will help enrich our educational programs, will allow and encourage our parents to become involved in their children’s education, will help to improve communication between parents and teachers, and will lend support to the school’s goals and objectives.

Together we can help preserve, enrich and promote our Armenian heritage and culture.


St. Sahag & St. Mesrob Armenian Saturday School reserves the right to terminate any child’s enrolment. A child may be asked to leave the school for the following reasons:

Repeated disobedience by a child not being able to conform to the classroom rules set by the school.

Violent or aggressive behaviour by a child, causing injury to other children or staff members, and/or damage to school property.

In the event that any of the above situations occurs, the following steps will be taken:

First, parents/guardian are notified verbally of the situation, and a meeting is held with the principal, parents, and persons involved. A solution is discussed and parents are encouraged to resolve the situation.

In the event that the situation still exists after first verbal notification and no improvement has been made, a written warning is sent to parents/guardian and another meeting is held with the principal, parents, and persons involved. Once again, solutions are suggested and a final warning is given.

If the situation reoccurs after final warning, the child is asked to leave the school. Parents/guardian do not receive any refund of registration fees.

The school will prepare the child’s exit from the program in a manner consistent with the child’s ability to understand.


During the 2019-2020 academic year, St. Sahag & St. Mesrob Armenian Saturday School will be having many fun and exciting learning events. These activities may be photographed, filmed, audio-taped, or video-taped for the purpose of being published and/or broadcasted online or on television.


Ուրախութեամբ և հպարտօրէն կը ներկայացնենք շաբաթօրեայ վարժարանի 2019-2020 տարեգիրքը։ Առցանց դիտեցէք մեր աշակերտներուն սքանչելի գործերը։ Հազար շնորհակալութիւն կը յայտնենք Պր Մոսի Մինասեանին տարեգիրքի թեմայի յղացման և դասաւորման համար։ Վարձքերնիդ կատար սիրելի շաբաթօրեայի անձնակացմ և աշակերտներ։

Dear Parents,

We are very happy to announce that Saturday School’s 2019-2020 yearbook has been published online. We express great appreciation for the hard work that Mosi Minassian has put into designing, preparing, and publishing a beautiful artwork. The 76 beautiful pages are full of exceptional works of our talented students. You could view this year’s yearbook below. Happy Summer days!

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