Dear Saturday School community,

I sincerely thank you for regularly following up and assisting with your children’s schoolwork. I’m certain that it is not easy to juggle all your added responsibilities with a lockdown that keeps us isolated and confined. I acknowledge and greatly appreciate your patience, wisdom, creativity, initiatives, and good management. God bless you!

The school’s Facebook page showcases our students’ achievements! They are quite impressive and encouraging. Thank you for taking the time to document your children’s progress and sharing their beautiful works with the school community.

For those who have not yet viewed our page, it can be accessed here:

Since some of you are back at work or will be returning soon, now is a good time to make sure that the family continues doing well and staying healthy. Here’s a checklist:

– Am I planning my days? Am I structuring the day for my family?

– Is the family having meals at regular times?

– Are we getting out of pajamas after breakfast?

– Are we exercising regularly?

– Are we reading books? How many have we read?

– Did we make a list of important quotes? Did children memorize poems and Bible verses?

– Are we learning something new every day?

– Are we working on our hobbies and picking up new ones, such as cooking, drawing, writing, sewing, gardening, singing, dancing, playing instruments, etc.?

– Are we keeping in touch with relatives and friends?

– Are we keeping a journal of our daily lives?

– Are we having family activity time regularly? What activity should we add?

– Am I in contact with my children’s teachers and am I assisting them in learning?

– Am I rewarding my children for their productivity and help around the house?

– Are my children having daily quiet time, meditation and prayer time?

– Am I having alone time to rejuvenate and remain positive?

– What more could I do to stay healthy and safe?

Lastly, if this quarantine has you feeling a little confined, why not take a virtual trip across Armenia? On this website ( you can take a walk around our beautiful country and even enter some of our famous museums. If you’d like, you can even visit other countries.

Keep well and think positively.

A few days ago, the ground was covered with snow again, but now the grass appears in deeper green and the tulips are pocking out. Better days are ahead!

Happy Victoria Day weekend!

Principal Arpi Panossian Muttart