Dear parents and students,
The Armenian Level 1 and Level 2 credit courses will start next Saturday, October 26, 2019,  9:15-12:30 at 25 Forest Manor Rd. Please spread the word among your friends. We must have 25 registered students in each class! 

The registration process has a few steps if you are a non-TDSB student; that is, if your school is outside Toronto.

The course codes: LYRBD1 (Level 1); LYRCU1 (Level 2) You can enroll in the Level 2 if you’ve completed Level 1

E-registration until October 22, 2019:

Successful registration is pending approval on the submission of the Parent/Guardian Consent Form, which is emailed to you automatically when you have signed up for the course. Parents ensure to sign the form, have the bottom portion of the form completed and signed by the student’s guidance councilor and then upload the document onto the student’s profile under “My Profile”.  Only then the enrollment is successful and approved. 

To simplify the above note:

After starting the registration process and requesting to enroll in the course, you’ll receive a permission form that must be filled and signed by parents. You must then take the form to the students’ Guidance Councilor to sign and approve. Then you should upload the signed permission form in order to finalize the registration process. Basically, it is a two-step process, first you need to register and print the permission form, and then scan and upload the form back to be successfully enrolled in the course.

If you continue to have difficulty with online registration, bring the attached completed and signed form to school on the first day of classes, October 26, 2019.