The “Armenian National Music Treasury” cultural project is implemented by the “Renaissance” cultural and intellectual foundation since February 2014. The idea was conceived in August 2013, and the project aims to create a modern digital library of Armenian folk and spiritual songs, in conformity with international standards.  The scope of the project includes more than 500 pieces from the Armenian golden national collection, compiled into a single record library spanning folk, spiritual and instrumental music.  Three hundred folk, 100 spiritual and 100 instrumental pieces, chosen by the standards of Komitas, as well as minstrel music, have been recorded so far. The list includes songs and music from the historical regions of both Western and Eastern Armenia.

The “Armenian National Music Treasury” intends to recording and re-recording Armenian national, folk and religious music. Preserve the cultural heritage and convey it to the generations. Create a modern digital record library of Armenian folk and spiritual songs, up to most demanding international standards. Revive national songs, rituals and customs. Restore the literature in musical notation and make Armenian cultural heritage technically accessible. Create an international portal for Armenian national music. Establish a source for scholarly research material for Armenians in Armenia and the Diaspora. Promote the use of Armenian music in domestic film productions, thus mainstreaming ethnic tunes through the cinema.

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